Communications to schools

SATAC sends regular communications to schools containing information about the SATAC process and any changes which affect tertiary entry for school students. You can view our most recent correspondence by choosing from the links below. 

SATAC Bulletin

The SATAC Bulletin is SATAC’s newsletter for schools, providing information and updates on SATAC services and the admissions process to assist school staff and others who provide advice to prospective tertiary students.

SATAC Bulletin September 2017 (95.5KB PDF)

SATAC Bulletin April 2017 (334KB PDF)

Principal's letters

SATAC regularly sends updates about the SATAC process to school principals. To view a copy of our most recent correspondence click on the link below.

SATAC Principal's letter October 2017 (134KB PDF)

SATAC Principal's letter May 2017 (624KB PDF)