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All applications for undergraduate courses offered through SATAC are made online. Once you have read all the necessary information and explored which courses you would like to apply for, go to ‘Apply’ to begin your application.

SATAC application process

The online instructions will step you through the application process.

Consider what you want to study and choose your preferences carefully. Make sure you read the course entry details for any additional requirements your preferences may have.

For a basic introduction to the SATAC application for undergraduate courses, download the fact sheet.

Applying online for an undergraduate course (567KB PDF)

You should also familiarise yourself with how undergraduate selection works, and whether you need to consider alternative pathways to study, such as special entry or a foundation studies program.

How the SATAC preference system works

One of the benefits of the SATAC system is that you have the opportunity to apply for more than one undergraduate course at the same time. This means that you need only complete a single application and supply supporting information once. You can list up to six courses as preferences on your SATAC application.

SATAC will assume that your first preference is the course you most want to study. As long as you are eligible and sufficiently competitive this is the course SATAC will offer you on behalf of our participating institutions. SATAC must base its decision on the information you provide. If you are not eligible or sufficiently competitive to be offered your first preference, SATAC will consider your second preference as if it were your new first preference. If necessary, this process will continue until all of your preferences are considered.

For more information on how the preference system works, including an example, download the fact sheet.

How does the preference system work? (330KB PDF)

SATAC reference number

When you submit your application, SATAC confirms that it has been received by displaying your SATAC reference number.

The date of receipt of your online application is deemed to be the date on which your application is successfully submitted i.e. you have been provided with a SATAC reference number.

At the completion of your application you can:

  • print a summary of your application
  • attach supporting documents, if required, to your online application
  • print a document cover sheet if you wish to submit documents to SATAC by post or in person
  • pay your application fee online with a credit card, or print a tax invoice to pay at a Post Office or mail with a cheque or money order to SATAC.

Equal consideration

The concept of equal consideration is a central principle of the SATAC admissions system. Equal consideration means that all applicants who have the same selection rank for a course (or a subquota within a course) are treated equally, so either all or none will be entitled to an offer.

If you lodge your application by the relevant closing date and comply with all the application requirements, you will be guaranteed equal consideration in the selection process. If however, you lodge a late application or do not comply with all the application requirements, you will not be guaranteed equal consideration.

Closing dates

Applying on time is important. If you lodge an application for a course after a closing date you will be affected in one or more of the following ways:

  • you may have to pay a late fee
  • your application may not be considered at all
  • you may not be given equal consideration.

Details of closing dates and how they affect your application are below. For a full list of important dates see our  key dates page.

Early closing date for semester 1 courses

The early closing date for almost all semester 1 courses is Friday 29 September 2017. All applicants must pay a late fee if applying for these courses after this date.

Courses with final closing dates

The early closing date for almost all courses is Friday 29 September 2017. You must pay a late fee if applying for these courses after this date.

The final closing date for Creative Arts (Drama) at Flinders University (course code 214561) is Friday 29 September 2017. Applications for this course received after 29 September will not be considered.

The final closing date for Dental Surgery, Medicine/Surgery, Medicine/Surgery (Bonded Medical place), Oral Health and Veterinary Bioscience at the University of Adelaide (course codes 314122, 314552, 314553, 314701 and 324491) is Friday 29 September 2017. Applications for these courses received after 29 September will not be considered.

Equal consideration closing dates for semester 1 courses

For almost all courses, the equal consideration closing date is Monday 4 December 2017. If you lodge an application for these courses after 29 September but by 4 December, you will still be given equal consideration provided you pay the late fee.

The final closing date for Medicine at Flinders University (course code 214941) is Monday 4 December 2017. Applications for this course received after 4 December will not be considered.

Applying after 4 December for semester 1 courses

You may still apply for most semester 1 courses after 4 December but the consequences are:

  • you must pay a late fee
  • for some courses there may be no offers at all to late applicants
  • if offers are made to late applicants, they will almost certainly be in February, not in the January rounds
  • you may not be given equal consideration in the selection process, i.e. you may not receive an offer even if your selection rank is equal to or higher than that of an applicant who received an offer to the same course in the main January round.

Many courses will decide early in November to extend their closing date beyond 5 December, however if you wish apply after this date you should contact either SATAC or the Admissions Office at the institution concerned (or, in the case of the University of South Australia, the Future Student Enquiries office) before doing so.

Application fees

All applicants enrolled in an Australian year 12 program or in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program in Australia in 2017 must pay a $35.00 processing fee. All other applicants must pay a $75.00 processing fee.

All applicants applying for semester 1 courses who submit their application after Friday 29 September 2017 must pay a late fee of $130 in addition to the processing fee.

Fees paid to SATAC are not refundable. For more information on SATAC fees see our fees page.

Special entry applications

All the above information about closing dates also applies to special entry applications. Note, however, that if you arrange to sit the STAT after Tuesday 31 October 2017, or pay after this date, you will have to pay extra for alternative STAT testing arrangements even if your original application was received on time.

Your responsibility

If lodging a late application for any course, it is your responsibility to check the current information as advised above and, in the light of the information given, it is your decision whether to lodge an application and pay the appropriate fees to SATAC.

Acknowledgment of your application

As soon as you have submitted your online application SATAC will send you an acknowledgement email. Check your acknowledgment email carefully and advise SATAC immediately of any changes. Full details of how to do this are shown in the email.

Seeking special consideration of your application

Special consideration may be given to applicants who have special circumstances, including a long term medical condition, that may have disadvantaged them in their studies and which they wish to be taken into account in the assessment of their application. Applicants who seek special consideration as part of the application process will be able to download a confidential questionnaire and information on the supporting documentation that will be required.

Current year 12 students cannot seek special consideration through the SATAC process.

In South Australia and the Northern Territory, year 12 students who have special circumstances should seek consideration from the SACE Board. Information is available from their website at

Year 12 students studying elsewhere in Australia (not South Australia or the Northern Territory) who have special circumstances should seek consideration from the board of studies in their state/territory or directly from their school.

Your responsibilities as an applicant

It is your responsibility to:

  • carefully follow all application instructions whether applying for the first time or changing preferences
  • provide all the information sought in the application process and disclose details of all previous attempts at tertiary study as prompted within the online application
  • provide all the supporting documentation (if any) required by SATAC to assess your application in time for the main offer rounds
  • check and conform to the closing dates of your course preferences
  • pay all application fees by the due date
  • read and agree to the terms and conditions of the application. 

Terms and conditions of application (320KB PDF)

For more information on the obligations and responsibilities of SATAC and our participating institutions with regards to applications and assessment, please see the About Us page to download a copy of the SATAC Applicant Charter.

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