Tuesday 15 January 2019

SATAC will email more than 6500 offers to undergraduate courses in the main January offer round today.

The main January offer round considers all preferences and all courses. Today’s successful applicants join over 11,000 future students who received their offers in earlier offer rounds.

In addition to receiving their offer by email, applicants can also check offers online using My Application.

Applicants who receive an offer to their first preference are not required to respond to SATAC. SATAC automatically accepts first preference offers. Instructions for enrolment will be provided by the institution offering the course.

Applicants can also defer their offer or change their preferences for consideration in a later offer round, instructions are provided in the offer email.

Offers to lower preferences must be accepted by 21 January. Responding to a lower preference offer ensures that applicants are in the running for the next offer round on 24 January.

Many undergraduate courses will continue to make offers through January and February, and prospective students who have not yet decided on their study plans for 2019 can still apply or change their preferences to most courses.