Friday 27 November 2015

The equal consideration closing date for most undergraduate courses, and competitive TAFE SA courses, is Monday 30 November. To explain what equal consideration is we’ve answered our most frequently asked questions about equal consideration.

What is equal consideration?

Equal consideration is an important concept in the SATAC admissions process. Equal consideration means that all applicants who have the same selection rank for a course (or a subquota within a course) are treated equally, so either all or none will receive an offer.

If you apply by the relevant closing dates, and comply with all the application requirements, you will be guaranteed equal consideration in the selection process. Applicants who do not apply by the equal consideration closing date, or who fail to comply with all the application requirements will not be guaranteed equal consideration.

What is the effect of equal consideration on my application?

For courses where there is less competition you might still receive equal consideration even if your application is submitted late. For highly competitive courses an applicant who has a higher selection rank than those who applied on time might miss out on an offer, as there will be enough people who applied on-time to fill all the places in the course.

Remember that your chances of receiving an offer are affected by both your eligibility to be considered for a place in a course, and your competitiveness compared to other applicants.

Read the Clarify pages for more information on how undergraduate and TAFE SA selection works.

When is the equal consideration closing date?

The equal consideration closing date for most undergraduate courses is Monday 30 November. If you apply for these courses by 30 November (but after 30 September) you will be given equal consideration provided you pay the late fee.

You can still submit an undergraduate application after 30 November, but there are some consequences:

  • You must pay a late fee (applies to all undergraduate applications submitted after 30 September).
  • If offers are made to late applicants they will most likely be made in February, not in the January rounds.
  • You may not be given equal consideration in the selection process.

Some undergraduate courses have a final closing date and won’t accept late applications. You can find details of these courses on the undergraduate key dates page.

The equal consideration closing date for competitive TAFE SA courses is also Monday 30 November; however there are no application fees for TAFE SA courses.

Where can I get advice on submitting a late application?

You can contact SATAC for information and advice on applying late, or contact the admissions office at the relevant institution (links to their websites are provided below).

Charles Darwin University

Flinders University

The University of Adelaide

University of South Australia

TAFE SA Information

Tabor Adelaide