What is postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study usually refers to awards such as Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, Masters degrees and doctoral studies. It can also refer to graduate entry to Bachelor degrees.

A postgraduate student is someone who has completed a university degree or diploma and is studying for a higher-level qualification.

Applying for a postgraduate course

Before you get started, familiarise yourself with the application process. Some aspects of it affect your chances of getting an offer. They include:

  • key dates and deadlines for applications
  • SATAC fees and charges, and when to pay
  • selection criteria for courses
  • supporting documents for your qualifications

Start your postgraduate application

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When to apply

Applications open in early August before the year of admission.

You can apply for courses that start at different times of the year in your application. Your application remains valid for the whole admissions period.

2021 applications

Applications opened on Monday 3 August 2020.

Closing dates

Closing dates for postgraduate courses are course-specific. You can use course search to check closing dates for individual courses.

If you apply after the relevant course closing date it can affect your application:

  • you may not get equal consideration
  • your application may not be considered at all

Submitting a late application

Contact SATAC or the university admissions office before submitting a late application. Some courses may decide to extend their published closing date. When this happens we will update the course entry with the new closing date.

Applications close in November the following year.

Equal consideration

Equal consideration is an important principle of the SATAC application process. It allows you to apply for more than one course in a single application, with no disadvantage due to the order of your preferences.

Equal consideration ensures that course selection is transparent and fair for all.

There are a few factors that affect your entitlement to equal consideration.

To receive equal consideration with other applicants who have the same qualification and selection rank as you do, you must:

  • apply by the relevant dates
  • pay the relevant SATAC fees, and
  • follow the requirements of the application

If you do not meet these conditions you will not be guaranteed equal consideration.

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Admission requirements

Admission is usually based on academic qualifications. Some courses may also rank applicants for an offer.

Check the entry requirements for each course you're interested in and whether your qualifications or experience meet the requirements.

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SATAC charges a fee to cover the cost of processing and assessing your application.

It is important to check the fees and charges you will have to pay before you submit your application. SATAC does not waive or refund processing fees.

Payment of SATAC fees does not guarantee that you will receive an offer to a course. You won't be eligible to receive an offer if you have application processing fees owing.

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One of the benefits of applying through SATAC is applying for more than one course at the same time.

In a single postgraduate application you can apply for up to six courses, offered by four institutions, starting at different times of the year. You only need to fill in one application form and supply supporting information once.

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