The information on these pages is provided to assist schools, teachers and counsellors in planning and coordinating aspects of the SATAC process for their students.

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Detailed information about tertiary entry for students in years 10, 11 and 12 is provided in the Resources for Students page.

You can also access the Tertiary Entrance booklets for SACE/NTCET and International Baccalaureate students from the SATAC Publications page.

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Changes to SACE/NTCET subjects

Upcoming changes to SACE/NTCET subjects for tertiary entry.

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Adjustment factors

University adjustment factor schemes

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Recognised Studies

Information for SACE and NTCET students

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Communications to schools

Information and updates about SATAC services and processes for school staff.

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Admissions transparency

Information and updates on changes affecting higher education admissions.

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