What is TAFE SA?

TAFE SA is the largest vocational education and training (VET) provider in South Australia, and one of the largest in Australia.

TAFE SA provides courses at certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma levels, as well as some higher education level courses.

You can apply for TAFE SA award courses through SATAC.

What is VET?

VET stands for vocational education and training. VET courses are courses that primarily focus on providing skills for work. VET courses include qualifications at certificate, diploma and advanced diploma level from a TAFE or registered training organisation (RTO).

When to apply

Applications open for courses starting in semester 2 2021 on Tuesday 27 April.

Apply as soon as possible after applications open to ensure your application is assessed in time for the scheduled offer rounds.

Find out more about the key dates for TAFE SA applications

Entry requirements

Entry requirements vary between TAFE SA courses. Being eligible to apply for one course does not make you eligible to apply for another.

Your chances of getting an offer may depend on:

  • the date you submit your application (including adding new preferences to an application for the first time)
  • whether you meet course admission requirements for the course

Find out more about the entry requirements for TAFE SA courses

Choosing your courses

One of the benefits of applying through SATAC is applying for more than one course at the same time.

You can list up to three courses as ‘preferences’ in your SATAC application. 

SATAC will assume that your first preference is the course you most want to study. If you are not eligible or competitive enough to be offered your first preference, SATAC will consider your second preference as if it were your new first preference. If necessary, this process will continue until all your preferences are considered.

Changing your preferences

Changes of preference will be unavailable at certain times during the application period. This is to allow SATAC to process applications in time for the offer rounds. You should make any changes to your preferences by the relevant deadline to be considered in the next offer round. 

Find out more about key dates for changing your preferences

SATAC fees

SATAC applications for courses at TAFE SA are free of charge.

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