There are many offer rounds throughout the admission year. Whether you receive an offer in a particular round depends on the timing of your application, and whether assessment of your application is complete.

We email offers by 5pm on offer round dates.

Offer rounds

SATAC makes early offers between August and 3 December to applicants who are not awaiting current year results. Only some courses make offers in these rounds, and only to first preferences.

Friday 15 January 2021

This is the main January offer round. Most courses make offers in this round. This is the first offer round to consider all preferences.

Thursday 28 January, Tuesday 2 and Thursday 4 February 2021

Most offers made in later rounds are to applicants who applied after 1 December 2020. These applicants are not guaranteed equal consideration in the selection process.

SATAC will continue to make offers through February and March for courses with places still available.

Checking your offer status

You can check the status of your application at any time online via My Application, or by contacting SATAC.

Note that SATAC will not notify you by email in the event that you do not receive an offer.

It is your responsibility to find out whether you have received an offer and to comply with the enrolment instructions included in the offer letter.

Neither SATAC nor the universities can be responsible for the consequences of late enrolment. If you miss the enrolment date, you risk losing your place.

Enrolling in your course

Once you have accepted an offer you can enrol in your course. The institution will send you an email with information about how to do this.

It is important you follow the information and meet any deadlines outlined by the institution. If you have any questions about the enrolment process, you should contact the institution as soon as possible.

Withdrawing from a course after enrolment

If you enrol in a course then withdraw before the census date, do not assume that you have an automatic right to enrol in the same course in a future year. The institutions’ rules vary – you may be able to defer, or you may need to apply again. Seek advice from the institution and consider your individual situation before you make the decision to withdraw.


Deferment means that you can postpone enrolment in a course usually until the following year. Your place is held for you and you don't need to apply again through SATAC to enrol.

Most offers are deferrable. If a course does not allow deferment this is stated in the course entry in course search.

For many courses you can apply for deferment online by logging in to your application and updating your response in the Offer Status section.

Once you have applied for deferment, SATAC will notify the institution. Towards the end of the deferment period the institution will email you with instructions on how to enrol in the course.

Keep an eye on your email inbox so you don’t miss any important emails from the institution, as you won’t receive any reminders from SATAC.


Credit is also known as status, advanced standing, or recognition of prior learning. If you plan to apply for credit you should seek advice from the institution before you enrol. The institution will explain the application process and any documentation they may need from you.

SATAC does not provide advice about applying for credit, or your eligibility to do so.

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The census date is the deadline set by your institution for finalising your enrolment. It is the last date on which a student can withdraw from enrolment in a subject/topic without incurring financial penalty.