All applications are submitted online. The application works best on a desktop computer, rather than a smartphone or tablet.

You can apply through SATAC if you are a domestic applicant. You are a domestic applicant if you are:

  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • a holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa, or
  • a New Zealand citizen

Your responsibilities as an applicant

Applying for a course through SATAC comes with some responsibilities. You must:

  • follow all instructions within the application, whether you are applying for the first time or changing your preferences
  • promptly provide all the information we ask you for
  • promptly provide any supporting documentation required by SATAC to assess your application
  • check and ensure you meet the closing dates of your course preferences
  • pay application fees
  • read and agree to the terms and conditions of the application

Registering with SATAC

When you start a new application you will need to register with SATAC. 

Make sure that the name you enter at registration matches your official records.

You should use an email address you will have regular access to. SATAC will send you important information about your application via email. If you miss an email from SATAC, you may miss key details about your application or offer.

Inside the application

You will need to provide a range of information in your application. We will ask you to provide details about yourself and your qualifications and list the courses you want to apply for. Our privacy policy outlines the personal information we collect and what we do with it.

You must complete every section of the SATAC application, even if you haven’t done every type of study.

You won't be able to submit your application until you complete and save all sections.


The courses you add to your SATAC application are your preferences. SATAC treats each preference as a discrete application.

You can list up to six courses in your SATAC application.

SATAC will assess your eligibility for each course in your application. For some courses, we might also calculate a selection rank.

List courses in order of preference, with the course you're most interested in as preference one. Remember, SATAC assumes that your first preference is the course that you most want to study.

If you are applying for courses that start at different times of the year, list any semester 1 preference above those with a later start date.

Check the course entry details as you're adding your preferences. The course entries contain important information about the course, its entry requirements, and closing dates.

Changing your preferences

Changing preferences means adding new preferences to your application, or changing the order of your existing preferences. You can check or change your preferences online.

Accessing a partially completed application

If you can't complete your application in one sitting you can log out at any time. You can come back to it later by logging in with your username and password on the SATAC website.

Submitting your application

SATAC will confirm that you have submitted your application by emailing you an acknowledgment. Check your acknowledgment and tell SATAC immediately if you spot any errors. Your email will also contain your SATAC reference number.

Your SATAC reference number is a unique nine-digit number used for identification purposes, so it’s important that you keep a record of it.

Online application services

After you have applied, use SATAC’s online application services to:

  • pay your processing fee
  • provide documents (if necessary)
  • change your preferences
  • update your contact details
  • check your offer status

Supporting documents

If you need to supply documents to SATAC in support of your application, you can upload them online.

Supporting documents should include:

  • a copy of the parchment showing you completed the course (if applicable)
  • an academic transcript showing results obtained for your studies
  • the grading system used by your institution

For some qualifications, like Australian university study, SATAC can get your results on your behalf. If this is the case for your qualification, we won't ask you for supporting documents.

Supplying incorrect or incomplete documentation may delay assessment. If you need to provide documents for current year (2020) studies, submit them as soon as they are available.

Original documents

If you are sending documents in hard copy do not send irreplaceable originals. SATAC does not return documents, and we do not keep documents submitted in previous years.

Studies completed overseas

If your documents are in a language other than English, you must submit copies of both the original documents and the full translation.

You can attach scans of your official transcripts and parchments to your application. Copies of official documents submitted in hard copy must be certified (see below).

Transcript translations must show results for all subjects undertaken. All translations must be completed by an independent accredited translator. It is your responsibility to follow any requests by SATAC to provide further documentation, either in the original language or translated into English.

Certification of documents

You must supply certified copies of all documents submitted in hard copy.

SATAC staff can photocopy and sign original documents at our office, or you can take your originals and a copy to a Justice of the Peace or similar for certification.

The person who certifies the photocopies must attest to having sighted the originals of the documents concerned.

If you are interstate, you can take your original documents in person to the tertiary admissions centre in that state. They may charge a fee for this service.

Supplementary exam results

If you are sitting supplementary examinations you will need to provide a copy of your results as soon as they are available. SATAC cannot get these results for you.

Note that in most cases, supplementary results will be too late to affect the outcome of your application.

Arrangements may be made to accept results from supplementary examinations that have been granted on medical grounds. If this applies to you, tell SATAC as soon as possible.

For more document details download the fact sheet.

Document details for 2021 entry (412KB PDF)

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There are a few factors affecting how long assessment takes. These include:

  • the entry requirements for the course
  • the type of qualifications you hold
  • whether the course has additional application requirements
  • when the course makes offers (in the weekly rounds or on set dates)

It is not possible for SATAC to give an assessment timeframe that fits every applicant's circumstances. If you are not waiting for current year results you may wish to check the progress of your application 4 weeks after the date of submission.