SATAC may add adjustment factors to your university aggregate. We then use your adjusted aggregate to calculate your selection rank.

SATAC’s participating institutions have two schemes which provide adjustment factors to applicants:

  • the Universities Equity Scheme
  • the Universities Language, Literacy and Mathematics Scheme

SATAC administers these schemes on their behalf.

We will adjust your aggregate up to a maximum of 9 points - 5 points under the Universities Equity Scheme, and either 2 or 4 points under the Universities Language, Literacy and Mathematics Scheme.

The Universities Equity Scheme will apply adjustments in two ways:

  • to all applicants in certain specified schools
  • to eligible applicants in other schools.

These applicants receive 5 adjustment points in the calculation of their university aggregate.

The Scheme applies to all courses offered by our participating institutions.

School-based adjustments

South Australian and Northern Territory schools qualify for equity adjustments using criteria which consider:

  • the school’s remoteness as defined under the Australian Standard Geographical Classification
  • the ‘participation rate’ (the percentage of students in each school gaining an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR))
  • the mean ATAR achieved in each school
  • the school’s Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage

Interstate schools qualify for equity adjustments using a subset of these criteria.

Schools qualify on an annual basis when data for all criteria becomes available. The classification of individual schools may change from year to year.

You don’t need to apply for a school-based adjustment. SATAC will adjust your university aggregate and your selection ranks automatically.

Eligible schools in South Australia and the Northern Territory

To download a list of schools in South Australia and the Northern Territory whose students completing the SACE/NTCET in 2020 will qualify for equity adjustments under the Universities Equity Scheme for entry to university in 2021, click the link below.

Universities Equity Scheme - eligible schools SA/NT 2020 (32KB PDF)

Individual adjustments

Applicants in other schools can make an application under the scheme to show their individual disadvantage. Applicants will be eligible if, during the school year they gain their ATAR:

  • they or their parents receive a Commonwealth means-tested income support payment, or
  • they or their parents are the holders of a Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card, or
  • they are the holder of a School Card (under the Government of South Australia’s School Card scheme)

SATAC keeps details of applicants who receive an individual equity adjustment so we can apply them in future SATAC applications (while applicants are still eligible to apply on the basis of their Year 12 studies).

How to apply for individual adjustments

You can apply for individual adjustments as part of your SATAC undergraduate application.

For more information about individual adjustments read our frequently asked questions.

The Universities Language, Literacy and Mathematics Scheme encourages students to strengthen their preparation for undergraduate studies by studying a language other than English, or specified English and Mathematics subjects.

The Scheme applies to most undergraduate courses. The exceptions are:

Charles Darwin University

  • 104661 Bachelor of Clinical Sciences

Flinders University

  • 214941 Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine

The University of Adelaide

  • 314552 Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery
  • 314553 Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Bonded Medical Program)
  • 354271 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
  • 354251 Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
  • 324491 Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience)
  • 354261 Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)

CQUniversity Australia

  • The Scheme does not apply to courses offered by CQUniversity Australia.

If you are eligible for subject-based adjustments SATAC will adjust your aggregate by either 2 points (for one eligible subject) or 4 points (for 2 or more eligible subjects).

To be eligible you must successfully complete a subject in any one of these four categories:

  • 20 credits of a LOTE in the Languages Learning Area (not including the subject Language and Culture); two 10 credit Australian Indigenous language subjects can be paired in lieu of a 20 credit LOTE
  • 2ESH20 English or 2ELS20 English Literary Studies
  • 2MHS20 Mathematical Methods
  • 2MSC20 Specialist Mathematics

We define successful completion as gaining a minimum grade of C- or better. Subject-based adjustments are designed to encourage enrolments in these subjects rather than reward outcomes. You won’t receive extra points for higher achievement.

Applicants studying the International Baccalaureate diploma in Australia, or other Australian senior secondary certificates, are also eligible for subject-based adjustments.

International Year 12 students are eligible for the Universities Equity Scheme if they are enrolled at a school in Australia that is eligible for school-based adjustments in 2021.

Applicants in other schools can apply for individual adjustments.

International Year 12 students are eligible for the Universities Language, Literacy, and Mathematics Scheme. Note that this scheme does not apply to all courses.

Individual adjustments FAQs

Frequently asked questions about individual equity adjustments

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